I downloaded the iPhone app today and decided to give it a try. I entered my home address and my work address. (Houston, TX). It routed me sort of okay all the way up to the last freeway. It showed me getting off the freeway and the exit past where I really should get off, do a u-turn and it just stopped with end of route not even on the street I was going to. (This was looking at the route with out traveling it as I knew where I go).

What makes this application so dangerous is that it does not recognize one way streets. I drove to downtown Houston today. It made a mess of telling me to make a right turn on an overpass (what and fly off the top of it?). Then it was telling me to make a right turn into a shopping center because a street comes into the main street from the left but does not continue on the other side.

But what almost got me killed was that it was saying make a left turn in 900 feet. I was watching the signs and I saw the sign that said both left lanes can turn left (I didn't realize it was the next intersection not the one I was just approaching). Then I heard turn left now. I turned.... I did not see the center yellow line and I saw cars coming at me. That is when I realized I was on a one way street going the wrong way. I quickly moved into the far right lane and avoided an accident. When all the cars had passed, I turned around and went on my own way without using this app.

It has been removed from my phone and I would not recommend anyone using it. The reason you use it is because you do not know how to get somewhere. If it routes you down a one way street the wrong way, you are the loser.