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Thread: Oneline Offline Search Results

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    Oneline Offline Search Results

    Hi, just want to make it clear one question ..

    Is this a bug or its meant to be like that .. Using latest 3.0.1 Android SDK

    I'm getting D/SKMaps: SKSearchManager----ONE LINE SEARCH RESULT 0 (No results) using One Line search in this combination:

    SKMaps.getInstance().setConnectivityMode(SKMaps.CO NNECTIVITY_MODE_OFFLINE);
    onelineSearchSettings.setSearchMode(SKSearchManage r.SKSearchMode.ONLINE);

    if I turn Connectivity Mode to Online, then everything works great and I'm getting results from Downloaded Packages + Online ..


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    I'm not sure what the problem is:

    Expected behaviour:
    - setting the SKMaps connectivity mode to offline should prohibit search to go online - search should only work with the locally available data
    - setting the search mode to online/offline should only be relevant when SKMaps connectivity is online

    Is the behaviour you are experiencing not conformant to the above description?

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    Yes, everything seems clear as you described .. I just wanted to make sure that this is how it's meant to be, not a bug.
    But anyway I think search mode online/offline should work independently from SKMaps Connectivity mode.
    If you set SKMaps OFFLINE, search should work ONLINE.


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