I noticed that customPOIs now act like Map POIs and their zoom levels ..
Previously CustomPOIS were visible, for instance, at zoom level 10 .. now only at 16+ ..

How can I restore behavior of CustomPOIs to previous ? I need them to be visible and work like Annotations. The only difference is that I need that cluster grouping what Annotations can not do.

I'm using these two textures to customize their look ..


in style json I've modified this:

"texturelocation" : [ 0, 5 ],
"textureid" : 30,
"texturename" : "recent",

"textureid" : 31,
"texturelocation" : [ 2, 6 ],
"texturename" : "default",

Of course, I see where to change zoom levels, but then Map POIs with the same categories, for example, all restaurants become visible as well ..

Any ideas?