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Thread: Need Help with SKTNavigationManager!

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    Need Help with SKTNavigationManager!

    I'm using SKTNavigationManager to display 3 routes a user can take, but I'm having some trouble fine tuning it. While, I can show multiple routes on the screen (with one route being highlighted), the user is force to use the default route. Is there a way to let them click on one of the un-highlighted routes?

    The other question I had... is there any way to get estimated trip time for each of the available routes? When I use SKRoutingService startNavigationWithSettings, I get an estimated time in the delegate method didChangeEstimatedTimeToDestination(), but when I use SKTNavigationManager startNavigationWithConfiguration, I get 3 routes with no estimated time that I can locate.

    Please help!

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    Please check our example from the demo app( under the "Alternative routes" entry. The scenario that you're trying to obtain seems to be similar to the existing one - the code is editable.

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