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Thread: [Android] Routing with viaPoints - onDestinationReached() never invoked

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    [Android] Routing with viaPoints - onDestinationReached() never invoked


    I am creating simple application for navigation using skobbler Android SDK.

    I need to navigate user through series of viapoints to goal to goal point.
    Everything works correctly until I reach final point, onDestinationReached() method simply never gets invoked.
    If I use do not use simulation mode then when reaching via points method onViaPointReached() never gets triggered, where as during simulation mode it does.

    Since for some odd reason I cannot paste alot of code in [CODE] tags, I am using outside source to display code.
    Code can be seen here in pastebin:

    Here is the snippet of code I am using - I see no reason why this should not work.
    Skobbler version I am using is most recent one - 2.51 I believe.

    Kind regards! Any help would be appreciated.
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    Please use the latest SDK 3.0 and follow the example from our demo app for using the viaPoint option. Let us know if you encounter the same issues.
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