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Thread: Why 3.0 and not 2.6?

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    Why 3.0 and not 2.6?

    Hi Adela,

    I haven't had the time to use the beta, but I went through the Change Log. It seems there are not a lot of big changes (at least by looking at the change log). I'm sure you made a lot of improvements and bug fixes though.

    Just wondering if there are any big changes that made you bump up to 3.0 in stead of 2.6 for example? Also, would be helpful to know what bugs were fixed. Is there a list somewhere?

    In another thread there was something mentioned about "Fresh Maps". Not sure what that meant? Just a new version of the maps or perhaps you were referring to Navigon's Fresh Maps?

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    Hi Guido,
    The major release from 3.0 is the "oneLine Search API"- this is an improvement over the existing search capabilities, allowing users to easily enter a variety of local search queries in a single text box.
    Also the new 3.0 SDK would offer the possibility of making a map update without being mandatory to update the SDK version.

    We'll announce the bug fixes when we'll send the newsletter for 3.0 public release.

    Fresh maps- the 3.0 SDK will come with fresh map data- latest maps are from April 2016 and we'll offer other map updates independent of the SDK update.

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