I have been testing various mobile apps and i cant believe they all seem to work just by storing destination/favourites , not the route... why do they not allow you to save the ROUTES ??

Your online website allows me to import gpx files - build routes via, which is great, but i dont see "MY Routes" option in the mobile app - why is this ?

In the app I see the route function, but it dosnt have the VIA option liek your web site and then you cant save it, as there is no "My Route" folder/option

I'd like to be able to store my favourite ROUTES , not just destinations in the app, and why is there not a SYNC option to sync your online - favorites/routes etc to the app ?

This is a basic function that should be in the APP , especially as you have the code in your website

Please come back asap if/when thi sfeature wil be introduces as otherwise a great app