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Thread: Android 3.0 beta build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adela_Silvia View Post
    As far as I remember we have that requirement to have the ability to mute audio during phone calls.
    (see last answer here: )
    When READ_PHONE_STATE is not put in AndroidManifest.xml file we catch the exception in the SDK but show a log to know that this exception has occurred, but you don't have to worry about the error.
    Makes sense now, you want to mute the turn by turn voice directions when a phone call is in progress. We're not using this feature of your SDK in our app at the moment.

    You are right though, it's safe not to have this permission, I re-tested now and the crash that I experienced before doesn't happen again, it was most likely because of an incompatible version of the offline map I was using. Speaking of which, my colleague who is working on our server-side just sent you an e-mail with some questions about the map version and the cutting tool which should be used for the new maps. What is actually the correct map version to use with the 3.0 SDK?

    Quote Originally Posted by Adela_Silvia View Post
    I'll check this with the devs
    That's great to hear, thanks again for the help!

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    Happy to hear I could be of help.

    For the last questions related to map version I'll respond via email.

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