I'm building an app with lots of annotations, and we have filtering functionality that allows the user to hide and show specific annotations.

This is implemented, and works just fine, but it's not as quick as we would like. Using the instruments tool in Xcode, I've found that the bottleneck is the Skobbler SDK spending a ton of time redrawing tiles every time we add/remove annotations. Is there a way to add annotations to the map, without the map spending so much time redrawing itself? It seems like there should be a way to add the annotation pins to a new layer.

As an example- here's a screenshot from the instruments tool, which has a capture from our skobbler based app. I narrowed the capture to a 1.5 second period of time where I used the filtering function of the app to add/remove some annotations. You can see that about 70% of the time spent is in skobbler's doDrawTiles() function.

Thanks in advance for any tips/suggestions!