We would like to use skobbler map SDKs in our Android and IOS app and we have a special usecase for offline maps.
We have our own list of the world areas and we need to map our area list (cities, countries, regions, groups of countries ...) which is slightly different to list that is available in skobbler.

The idea is to store skobbler list of available offline packages in our database together with its mapping to our areas and build API endpoint that will provide our client app the mapping so that client app will know witch skobbler offline areas to download after the user chooses one of ours.

We got an URL that Android SDK calls to retreive list of skobbler areas (http://750fe5b2379a6db51a2eb2abbc693...0413/Maps.json ), which can provide us data to do the mapping. I'm not sure if this approach is a good idea. Can we use skobbler API this way? How often there is a change in the list? Does the list differ in different versions of SDKs?

Would you recommend a different approach to solve our usecase?