I am using the latest SKMaps SDK(downloaded from here http://developer.skobbler.com/support#download) with IOS 8.4 and Swift.

I try to implement an offline geocoding in New York city but when I add the code as shown in the documentation:
SKSearchService.sharedInstance().searchServiceDele gate = self
SKSearchService.sharedInstance().searchResultsNumb er = 500
SKMapsService.sharedInstance().connectivityMode = SKConnectivityMode.Offline;

self.listLevel = SKListLevel.CityList

let multiStepSearchObject = SKMultiStepSearchSettings()
multiStepSearchObject.listLevel = self.listLevel
multiStepSearchObject.offlinePackageCode = "USNYCITY01"
multiStepSearchObject.searchTerm = address
multiStepSearchObject.parentIndex = 0
SKSearchService.sharedInstance().startMultiStepSea rchWithSettings(multiStepSearchObject)

When I run the code in the simulator, it crashes after the search begins.


From the look of it there is an issue with the search areas.
I have downloaded the USNYCITY01 package and I am able to display the map of NY and even display things on it


I also tried the code with listlevel being a countryList I have the same error.

Could you please advise and tell me what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,