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Thread: Update - Problems - Reinstall - Problems solved. - New Problem - but minor

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    Update - Problems - Reinstall - Problems solved. - New Problem - but minor

    Hello there

    I am usually very happy with the app and I travel in multiple countries in Europe and the in US a lot.

    After the latest iOS update I updated the app. My sorting favourites option was gone. The landscape/portrait toggle did not provide permanent help. So I resinstalled.
    Happy me, all the options are back again. However a few new things came up.

    Steven, (have the Steven Fry voice package. LOVE IT) is sometimes mute on motorways and the Autobahn. The music audio gets muted when changes come up
    but he does not say anything, or if, only half sentences. No Problem on other road types.

    The app also jumped into "avoid highways" a couple of times. Which led to either beautiful and long detours or simply stuck in gridlock for almost half a day.
    I hope it keeps it now but I will check it before every start for the time being.

    And I would LOVE an option to put in a halfway point or "avoid this area". Especially in London the app has the super annoying habit of being way too optimistic what an effective route would be.
    Always goes for the "fastest" or most "direct" connection. But what if I want a "long way around" connection? I would need to put in one stop, and once there create a new

    I still couldn´t live without this any more though.

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