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Thread: Hi, I'm new to Skobbler - a little help required

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    Hi, I'm new to Skobbler - a little help required

    Love my new Skobbler GPS Navigation 2 app on my iPhone 4s.

    It managed to navigate me, seamlessly, across the whole of London at the weekend. Hugely impressed.

    Just one there an option to specify a route you'd like to take, avoiding certain roads?

    I was traveling from Manchester to South East London last weekend and wanted to avoid central London (instead getting into South East London from Croydon via Surrey).

    But GPS Nav 2 took me back into central London and then back out again to South East London. Not ideal.

    Also, on the way home, it insisted that I stayed on the M1 instead of coming off the M1 on the M6 via Birmingham (the route pretty much anyone from Manchester would take because it is quickest). I don't understand why?

    Is there a way of telling GPS Nav 2 which route you'd like to take or are there plans for alternative routing in future updates?

    On the whole this is a fantastic little app and it has saved me a fortune in buying a standalone Sat Nav device. Its just a couple of little issues away from being the best there is available.

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    Thanks for your kind feedback! Regarding your questions:
    In Navigation --> Settings --> Navigation, Route profile you can select between fast and and short route and you can exclude toll roads. Further route options are in the making.

    The Team will look into the route above to see if we can improve something here.


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    Thanks for the reply Christin - much appreciated.

    I think you've got a fantastic little nav app here.

    Just a few tweaks and it will make TomTom redundant. The route option addition will be most welcome in any update because, so far, GPS Navigation 2 seems to ALWAYS want to avoid motorways (more often than not the quickest way to travel across the UK). I'd encourage you to look at that issue in your next update - it would hugely improve routing, certainly in the UK.

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    I think that*this information is*the best.
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