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Thread: .plist Location Keys

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    .plist Location Keys


    Documentation says (SKPositionerService.h)

    /** Starts updating GPS locations. In order to receive GPS locations, the following key must be added in the project's plist file:
    NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription. The value of the key will be displayed to the user when he accepts/declines location updates for the application. If the key and the value are not added to the plist file, the user will not be asked for permission and the current position will not be available in the SDK.
    - (void)startLocationUpdate;

    However for my application requires to have NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription key, because it *needs* to run in the background mode.

    I know that I can create a wrapper for the CLLocationManager and use the requestAlwaysAuthorization: selector. But I would like to know if there any way to use that selector, instead of requestWhenInUseAuthorization:, directly from your SDK?


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    Hi Otavio,
    We have to check the answer with our development team-please allow us to get back to you in the next days.

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    Unfortunately in the 2.4 Public SDK it's not possible to receive positions using the SDK's location manager having the NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription key in the plist of the project. In the next version of the SDK this problem will be fixed.
    Meantime, you could implement your own location manager in order to fix this problem.

    Let us know if you need further help.

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