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Thread: Skobbler (US) error mapping contact on iPhone 4 (IOS 4.2.1)

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    Ausrufezeichen Skobbler (US) error mapping contact on iPhone 4 (IOS 4.2.1)

    I get an error each time I click an address from a contact. Here's the sequence of events:

    1. I installed the application from the App Store.
    2. I created an account in my browser at
    3. I started the app on the iPhone, and logged in.
    4. I clicked the Contacts button to map a contact.
    5. I selected a contact from the list.
    6. I clicked one of the addresses for the contact.
    7. I receive the attached error (see image) every time.

    Each time I've tried--many times--the address information for each contact has been complete. I don't think it's a matter of the app looking for an address value and not finding it. It seems to be a system error.

    iPhone 4 (IOS 4.2.1)
    Skobbler settings/info:
    --Software: 3.0.2
    --Firmware: 4.2.1

    Thanks for your help!

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