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    Dutch Translation

    I use this nice app on my android in The Netherlands.
    When taking the exit on the highway, i think the text in the top box is not clear.
    It says for example "Verlaten 33 Ring" what it is trying to say is, to take exit number 33 and proceed on the Ring.
    The word "Verlaten" is translated to english "leave" which is what you need to do but in combination with the number is unclear.
    I would prefer to see "Afrit 33 Ring" or "Verlaten Afrit 33 Ring" the exits on the dutch highways are called "Afrit" so it would better match the reality.


    update 6 nov: switched app language to English and then it shows "Exit 33" would prefer to see dutch translation to show "Afrit 33"

    Some other observation in the Dutch translation, when swithcing to Dutch there is no "News" section in the menu. Checked with English and German and its there. But if it is for eample Dutch or Italiano there is no news section in the menu.

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