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Thread: Feedback for Beta testers

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    I am a beta tester now ;-)or at least i think so :-D i joined the Google group today and got accepted. What are the next steps to get the beta and help development?

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    Check your Play Store for an update. If yes, you are running latest beta. For testing: Use the app as often you can. Play with it, use it... And give feedback for bugs for the internal forum. Do you have access?
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    No i don´t have acces to the Forum and i also do not see any update of the app. I think they just accepted me in the group but didn´t gave me the specific rights yet to get the beta and acces the forum.


    Ok now i have access to the forum, but i didn´t get an update yet. I will just wait and see, they can not do everything at the same time ;-)
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