Hello, I've just bought the Software, and I noticed that the Romanian map is more than 9 months old. On skobbler map layer is more than 2 or 3 months, and in OSM layer it's ok. Why in the Android software, the map is so old ?

OSM updates the map every 11 days !

I want to ask you why I can't see the buildings in Navigation Mode, and I can see them only in "Preview Mode " ?!?!

I wanted to make an account on skobbler, and said that the name is already taken. Every name I tried the same result. After 4 days, I receiver 1 email for every account I tried to create. I confirmed the link, and I can't login. I must wait another 4 days ?!?!

Do you have problems ?

I've sent an email on support@skobbler.com and no answer for the moment !

Thanks !