Most of the errors reported on map dust don't have enough information and accuracy to be useful.

For example there are a bunch that note errors in routes but the provided route looks to be much abbreviated (maybe for privacy?) and there is either not actual route or the actual route matches the provided route. I think sometimes this one is used instead of a more appropriate option such as "can't make advised turn."

There are also a lot of sent down a one way that aren't accurate.

I'm not sure if this is because the location given for the report isn't accurate or the intention was to hit a different button in the error reporting software or something? Maybe prompt for the names of the streets where this problem occurred? That would make the one way reports much more useful. The same would work for turn restrictions as well.

There were also a fair number that have no description at all just a message to "Enter note...."

If some of these problems were fixed or improved it would make the resulting bug reports much more useful.

The GeoRSS notification system though is pretty spiffy. Whats the backend for that?

--Gregory Arenius