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Thread: Future Product Features

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    Neuer skobbler
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    Future Product Features

    While only using it a short while, I have used Skobbler across the UK and Irelanf and think it is fantastic!

    I was wondering what next product additions you will be adding and when?

    May I suggest the following in order of need:

    1. Route Overview
    2. Waypoints selection
    3. Motorways option
    4. Live Traffic - either TA/TMC/RDS or mobile cell as used by TomTom
    5. Junction View

    These would really enhance the otherwise excellent experience and most would pay a lot more for the increased functionality, besides these contributing to a sea change in
    the satnav industry. An increased offering would certainly lead to a new order in satnavs, with smartphones incorporating this more fully completely in 2011.

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    Thanks for your great suggestions. I forwarded them to our Development Department so that they can check which ones to implement in the next update. At the moment, however, I cannot say for sure when this will be so please stay tuned and check out our website regularly for any news.

    Best regards,

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