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Thread: Unable to install app

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    Unable to install app

    I downloaded this app from the appstore several days ago. Initially there was not enough space on my iPhone but I deleted a lot of stuff and then the app started loading. But the loading has hung for several days. I keep getting messages asking me to put in my iTunes password, which I keep doing. The icon says Loading... but I don't think it is. I have already reported this as a problem via my phone, but I think I said it was 'Installing...' - that was not correct.

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    Hi Catherine,

    I'm sorry for the delay, please try these steps:
    1. make sure you have at least 2.1GB of available storage
    2. plug your phone to your computer and sync it in itunes
    3. try again installing the application

    Please let us know if it works for you, and if not, also let us know what generation of iPhone you are using (3GS, 4 etc) and what IOS version.

    Best regards,
    the skobbler team

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    Neuer skobbler
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    Currently there are three zoom levels available, and this is why some details are not available at certain zoom levels.
    Future app versions will certainly improve, stay tuned!

    If a search is working fine on the OpenStreetMap website, it should work in ForeverMap too.
    Please give us some search examples using unicode letters that do not return expected results.

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