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    I hope I'm in the right forum - there are two forums for android (English) and the other one seems to be dead. Hopefully, someone will read the English forum and give support in English? Not my language, but it's either that or Brazilian Portuguese or French - I have yet to learn German

    I'm really enjoying GPS Navigation & Maps for my Nexus 7 - why isn't it called Skobbler in Google Play? GPS Navigation & Maps is so generic. And what is ForeverMap??

    Newb impressions: zippidy fast - located me right away at the right location, while Google Maps was pointing me at the wrong location on wi-fi. Can navigate maps swiftly and lag free - YAY! Has a web portal for online favorites sync just like for Nokia - double yay!
    Works with OSM.

    Suggestions: I could easily locate my postal code on the mobile online search, in the Canadian map, whereas in the web portal, there's no way of searching with the postal code alone - must enter country, city, street... in that exact order. Please add the postal code search that's on the mobile app to the map search. I prefer to add favorites through the desktop pc and then sync my mobile. Sync is also very fast.

    - Allow "add to favorites" when right clicking on the map area. The only options I see are: "Directions from here. Directions via here. Directions to here." in the context menu.
    - Separate Canadian provinces so the file is not so big.
    - Include Brazilian Portuguese voice guidance or add device TTS support - I have an Acapela BP voice installed that could be used as voice guidance just like with Osmand.

    So far, so very good! I've tried it only from home, have yet to try it on the road. Compared to other navigation apps I've used - Nokia, Osmand... this one has been the greatest.
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    Postal code search is already noted down as new feature on our team's update list. Your other suggestions for improvement will be forwarded, too. Thanks!


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