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Thread: Allow bug creation from the client

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    Allow bug creation from the client

    It would be good to mark a location as having a bug while navigating to allow you to more easily correct OSM problems when you get back in front of a computer.

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    Hi NikolayMetchev,

    That already is implemented on the client. While navigating you have the possibility to post a bug if you notice one. You can do this by accessing the menu hardware button and the select "Report bug".
    You can chose among a few bug type or you can specify a special one.

    Afterwards , you can see your reported bugs either on the computer or on the phone by logging with your username and password

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    Böse User and password

    I can log into the forum on my PC but not into Skobbler on my Iphone. Does the forum use different credentials? How can I reset User and Password to access Skobbler on the Iphone?

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    Please see your other post. I commented there.

    Best regards,

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