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Thread: ITunes OR the Voice!

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    ITunes OR the Voice!

    I want to disable the voice whilst navigating without disabling my iTunes. The fact that I have to have my music or podcast interrupted continuously is almost killing the app for me. Please can we have the option not to have her speak and not just a mute or volume control?

    Might we also have the ability to determine just how often she will be updating us - a very uptight to casual setting perhaps?

    Despite the various issues, this is the first satnav I have used and it's kind of fun. Still think reading a map is easier though ;-)

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    Thank you for getting in touch and thank you for your feedback.
    For now, the only way you can disable only the voice while navigating is by pressing the mute button from our Tools menu within the application. If you would try to put the volume to minimum with the volume slider, the music volume would also be changed.
    So if you want to disable only the voice while navigating you would have to do it by pressing the mute button and not by dragging the volume slider to minimum.
    We will try to improve the behavior of this feature.

    We are glad to here that you enjoy using skobbler, and we are sure you will discover more interesting and fun stuff to do in the future.

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    This hasn't caused me a problem yet but I can tell it will one day. One thing that does get on my nerves is that skobbler is louder than the music playing from iPod and because I generally have my stereo in the car cranked right up when skobbler speaks she nearly blows the speakers. Can we have a separate volume control for the voice and the music please?

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    Thanks for reporting this issue. Our development team is already working on a solution and it will make it in the app at some point in the future.

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