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Thread: Skobbler SATNAV Questions

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    Skobbler SATNAV Questions


    I have just found Skobbler SatNav v3.0 FREE and when I first started using it yesterday, my first impressions were that it was very good, especially for a FREE App but, I have a few questions which I hope the more experienced user's will be able to answer for me?

    Q1: I've noticed that it does not appear to take the full UK 6 or 7 letter/number postcode. When I entered a 6 character postcode and clicked on search, it only showed 4. I.e. SO24 4WE (made up), Skobbler only showed SO24 and consequently I was not directed to the destination I was looking for.

    Q2: I know it's FREE but with reference to the voice guidance, is there anyway that this can be linked to the speed of your vehicle? I.e. Volume increases with speed.

    Q3: On the Skobbler website, the time/distance to destination is shwon across the bottom of the demo display screens but on my Iphone 3GS, it is shown at the righthand side. How do you get this to show at the bottom?

    I think that being able to take the full 6 or 7 letter/number is probably my main issue.

    I was thinking of upgrading to the 'paid' version and I believe that this has 'safety camera's' and full European maps but I would like to get the FREE version working properly first.

    Is there a direct UK support email address that we can use to contact Skobbler support?



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    Hello Dave,
    Thank you for getting in touch and for the time invested in writing us.

    As an answer to your questions:
    Q1: This is a known issue, and our development team is working on improving this. I am sorry to hear that this is causing you any inconveniences while using Skobbler

    Q2: We currently do not have this feature available, but is definitely something to include in future updates

    Q3: The skobbler site is not updated with the new iPhone look. The screens from the site are from an older version of Skobbler, in the new Skobbler version the information is now displayed on the right-hand side. An update for the site will be available in the near future.

    Yes, the paid version does contains both safety cameras and full European map.

    The e-mail where you can write skobbler support team is, and you can also contact us on the Forum. On both of them our support team is available for answering questions.

    Please let us know if we may help you with anything else.

    Best regards,

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