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Thread: Points of interest beyond 20km?

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    Points of interest beyond 20km?

    Hi folks,

    I find the Points of Interest functionality lacking in the SatNav 2 app.

    For example, if I want to find the simplest things like the nearest hospital or airport (all of which will be further than 20km away), it's just not possible - so it's useless!

    Why limit it to POIs within 20km? That basically means you can only find them if you're already there - what use is that?

    Also the address lookup is useless if I don't have an address that strictly matches the city / street format. For example, if I want to find an airport I might not know what city it's in so it's impossible for me to find... there needs to be some form of free text search.

    Maybe I'm missing something?

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    The team already knows that the POI search radius needs to be extended/eliminated so that more search results can be shown. The same is valid for the address search.


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