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    Neuer skobbler
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    Classifying bugs

    I've been fixing some of the map bugs. I have to say, your bug interface is excellent, and much better than OpenStreetBugs. However, a number of the bugs people are logging are describing application faults (or even hardware faults), rather than map bugs. That is understandable from a user perspective - the distinction is not obvious to the user. However, it would be very useful to have an option for someone like me going through the bugs to flag a bug as an app bug, rather than a map bug.

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    Erfahrener skobbler
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    As far as i know there is a possibility to mark such bugs as "non-reproducible". in general i would comment such bugs with the advice to write an email to skobbler to solve technical problems!

    the map of bugs was made to fix errors in the openstreetmap. maybe there should be an option to delete such ambiguous bugs (a abuse-function or a poll for deleting would be good thing, of course just for registered users). Other suggestions?

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    Neuer skobbler
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    Yes, you can mark them as "non-reproducible", but I am reluctant to do so - I have not tried to reproduce it! What I am suggesting is an alternative button to close the bug which marks it as a possible software bug. That way, although it would be removed from the bugs map, it would not be lost - the Skobbler team could extract a list of these. Sometimes it is not clear from what the user has said whether it was a map bug or a software bug (and it was probably not clear to the user, either), but a quick look at the data reveals it not to be a map bug. In that situation, I think it would be a shame to ask the user to submit the bug again by email. Better that it can be passed on at the same time as closing the bug on the map. I don't mind from an OSM perspective, but for the Skobbler team it may be a wasted opportunity.

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    Hi guys,
    Bad routing will be completly removed since is not related to map bugs but rather routing faults.
    We also take into consideration that by default the bug type "other" should not be selected.

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