Love my new Skobbler GPS Navigation 2 app on my iPhone 4s.

It managed to navigate me, seamlessly, across the whole of London at the weekend. Hugely impressed.

Just one there an option to specify a route you'd like to take, avoiding certain roads?

I was traveling from Manchester to South East London last weekend and wanted to avoid central London (instead getting into South East London from Croydon via Surrey).

But GPS Nav 2 took me back into central London and then back out again to South East London. Not ideal.

Also, on the way home, it insisted that I stayed on the M1 instead of coming off the M1 on the M6 via Birmingham (the route pretty much anyone from Manchester would take because it is quickest). I don't understand why?

Is there a way of telling GPS Nav 2 which route you'd like to take or are there plans for alternative routing in future updates?

On the whole this is a fantastic little app and it has saved me a fortune in buying a standalone Sat Nav device. Its just a couple of little issues away from being the best there is available.