There is a template that a lot of OpenStreetMap wiki pages use that automatically includes links to MapDust for a given place:

Each place specifies the coordinates in decimal degrees lat/long and then these are used for various links. The link to MapDust is as follows:

This used to correctly go to MapDust for a given location. However at some point the Permalinks changed from WGS84 decimal degrees to, I believe, Spherical Mercator meters. (I guess those Permalinks aren't really that "permanent" if they changed coordinate systems).

So for lat/lon instead of say lat=43.67925 lon=-71.580375, MapDust now wants something like lat=5415938.81 lon=-7968290.9

Is there a way to have MapDust accept WGS84 decimal degrees like the other services that the OSM wiki links to?

There may be a way to update the OSM wiki to do the conversion on the fly, but I'd thought I'd ask the MapDust folks first. MapDust is all about making OpenStreetMap data better, so I would think the MapDust people would want to make it as easy as possible for OpenStreetMap users to find and fix

OSM User: Peter Dobratz