when I first came across MapDust, it looked like a really good idea to me.

However, MapDust seems to have developed into Skobbler's step-child. Just to make my point clear:

  • a huge pile of bug reports because of out-dated routing data (bonus points for not telling those dates)
  • a huge pile of bug reports because of duplicates that aren't detected
  • completely useless bugs with default descriptions that cannot be filtered
  • data dumps that have been broken for over a year
  • time-consuming interfaces (it takes two seconds and three clicks to report a bug, yet 20 seconds to close one: captcha, typing a reason, slow server, …)
  • the Skobbler team not responding to those issues at all

If your goal is to piss off the people that allow you to sell a better product, then you're definitely on the right track!