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Thread: Skobbler not working

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    Skobbler not working

    I had a great pleasure using your skobbler program ver 3.1.3 However recently it stopped working (always says server error), so my guess is you have de-activated it?! the question is why ??!! and how do I get it back ???

    I am using iphone 3GS iOS 3.2, I am NOT upgrading to iOS 4 nor 5 because I still want to use it for other apps which become useless if older iphones are upgraded to newer iOS my question that is: do you have a navigation app for iOS 3.1 or older, I can buy it if necessary, I am not just looking for free stuff, but I hope you guys have some logic, please bring the older version back to function again.

    thank you, Alex

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    Hi Alex

    We released an updated version (GPS Navigation 2) by the end of last year. The old version is no longer available and in order to use the new one you'd indeed need to update your iOS to at least 4.1. We cannot provide any old version because it is technically not possible, sorry.


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