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Thread: Bug reporting, OSM names and numbers

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    Bug reporting, OSM names and numbers

    Hi all!
    First of all: finally an offline capable, OpenStreetMap based, turn-by-turn navigator working on the iPhone!
    Thanks for that!! I'm really looking forward to what can become of this.

    I have just started using the navigator (without downloaded maps as a start) as well as examining this forum and I thought I should report a couple of possible improvement areas.
    Please take the following comments/bug reports as constructive feedback, it's so easy to make it sound negative but that is absolutely not my intention.

    An bug report / feature request system with developer feedback on your website would be great.
    A sticky thread where we users can report bugs and where skobbler support keeps the first post updated with current status?
    I mean, it doesn't have to be fancy or anything...
    Road names / numbers (osm highway name / ref)
    The Nav2 seems to list only the road number rather than both the road number and name if both are tagged (as they should be).
    For motorways and such that is fine, but for a lot of smaller roads that are referenced by name (on signs etc.) leaving this out doesn't make it easier to navigate.
    Looking at the osm map it seems that a great amount of roads are tagged with both items. In Sweden and elsewhere.
    Motorway exit names / numbers (osm motorway_junction node name / ref)
    The exit numbers doesn't seem to be used at all. I believe that both number and name would make navigation a lot smoother here as well.
    Immediately bug
    Example: The navigator tells me to "turn right and then "immediately" you have reached your destination", even if it's 200m left to the destination.
    It does this in two to three times before the first turn. After the turn though, it says "in 200 meters you will reach your destination" (or something like that).

    Maybe this is old news, I couldn't find anything in the forum though.
    All the best
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    Thanks for your detailed feedback. I forwarded all points to the Dev. Team so that they can have a look at them and implement them if possible. We are always open to more suggestions.


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