Hello all!
I just purchased GPS Navigation 2 on my iPhone 4s.
I allowed GPS Nav 2 to use my current location.

I am currently:
- in Oregon, USA
- connected to a wireless internet connection

My goal is to use this app when in Italy next month and therefore I tried the following.

1) Tapped the "Upgrades" button.
2) Tapped "Installable maps".
3) Tapped "Purchase a country".
4) Tapped the "Italy" "$3.99" button and then tapped "Buy now"

The following error was displayed.
"Payment Restriction - Payment was not completed."

Any ideas?
I have verified that my iCloud settings are correct.
I have not tried to buy any other maps as Italy is all that I want right now.

I sure hope this isn't already discussed in your support forums. I tried searching, but no luck.