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Thread: True Text to Speech (TTS)

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    Idee True Text to Speech (TTS)

    I have not yet Skobbler but will be tomorrow, Tuesday June 8. I will be interested in hearing what is spoken and how the system works. However, I also have Navigon for the iPhone and it does probably the best job of all. And the app was $29.99 when I purchased it, but is now on sale for $14.99. This is only for the Central US. You can purchase the total USA for $79.99 (not on sale).

    My suggestion is that once Skobbler feels comfortable with it's directional functionality, then offer your free version as well as another offer for one at a reasonable price like Navigon and really use TTS. These will never be perfect, but are very, very good, with Nagigon AG leading the way. Maybe Skobbler needs to give them some competition.

    In the meantime, thank you for the FREE system for the iPhone. I may have a comment or two after I use it tomorrow and since I know how to go to each location (I am running errands), I should not get into any driving trouble.

    Thank you for this opportunity and good luck with what I hear is a very good product.

    I have one question for you, which may have already been answered. Do you want errors reported when we find them and how do we report them?

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    Thanks for the suggestions. We know that Text to Speech is a highly sought after feature and as soon as we can license and integrate a reasonable TTS engine we will also integrate it.

    Regarding other feedback / bug reports, etc. please post them here in the forum and I'll try to answer / comment ASAP. When reporting a bug please let us know the following things:
    - Your phone model (e.g. 3G / 3GS)
    - Did you use a car-dock or where was the phone positioned during navigation
    - Location of the error (and if possible start point and destination)

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