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Thread: What do I need to do to navigate offline?

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    What do I need to do to navigate offline?

    Offline navigation is currently only available for iPhone and iPad 3G/4G devices; not for iPod and iPad wifi-only devices because those devices don't have a GPS receiver built in which is why our GPS-based program cannot work (even with installed offline maps).

    (Only exception: For iPods, the use of the TomTom CarKit - an external GPS receiver; with this one you can navigate offline also with iPod devices.)

    For offline navigation, please proceed as follows:

    1. Install the purchased offline maps (see:

    2. Start the app --> Navigation --> Settings --> Mode --> select "offline" here.

    3. In "Dest. Address" please note that the listed cities and streets are only random suggestions of ours. You can click in "City" and "Name" to search for the city and street you require.

    4. Don't have airplane mode switched on in your device's settings as this mode does not only disable any internet connection but also the GPS receiver. To avoid roaming costs abroad, just switch off "Mobile Data" in your device's settings and have airplane mode off, too.
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