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Thread: What can I do if the app crashes during installation?

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    What can I do if the app crashes during installation?

    In general:
    If you decide to go for a continent or the world as an in-app purchase, not all maps are automatically downloaded to your device. You get access to those maps. You can see all country maps and download the ones you currently need through wi-fi. You see the size of each map before the download and can therefore calculate with your available space on your device.

    You don’t have to download all maps purchased just “to have” them. They will always be available to you once you bought them. Depending on your needs, they are exchangeable and you can delete and re-download them over and over again. For that, proceed as follows:

    Start the app --> Upgrades --> Redownload --> enter the password for the Apple ID here with which you purchased the maps the first time. They are now available again in Installation status --> Purchased.

    Another hint:
    Download the maps one by one, not the entire continent/world package at once. This way, the download is speeded up and crashes due to data overload can be avoided.

    Important: After the update to iOS 5, please check as follows:

    Go to the Settings of your device --> "iCloud ". Check if the Apple ID (email address) is mentioned there with which you initially bought our app and the in-app purchases. After installing iOS 5 this might have changed here automatically (if you created a new Apple account) so please make sure the correct one is inserted here. Otherwise, you will get charged twice for the same product (and we don't want that!).

    Should the app have already crashed and doesn't proceed with the download process, please restart your device completely (= reboot). If that does not do the trick, apply the hard method: Delete the app, restart your device, reinstall the app. This process is for free as long as you use the same Apple ID as for the initial purchase. Please check that in the settings of your device under "Store".

    The deletion of the app will also uninstall all maps and delete the favorites. You need to reinstall the maps again as described above; favorites need to be inserted manually again.
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