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Thread: I was charged twice for the app / the in-app purchase. Why?

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    I was charged twice for the app / the in-app purchase. Why?

    Generally, you can download apps and in-pp purchases as often as you wish – for free – as long as you use the same Apple ID (= email address) as for the initial purchase. Check that in the settings of your device under "Store".

    Then start the app --> Upgrades --> redownload --> enter the password for the above mentioned Apple ID. Your purchased maps are available again in Installation status --> Purchased and ready for installation.

    After the update to iOS5, please check the following:

    Go to the Settings of your device --> "iCloud ". Check if the Apple ID (email address) is mentioned there with which you initially bought our app and the in-app purchases. After installing iOS 5 this might have changed here automatically (if you created a new Apple account).

    If that’s the case, this is the reason why you were charged twice. Unfortunately, this is entirely out of our hands. Apple handles all iTunes-related payment procedures. This is how you get your money back:

    1. Start iTunes
    2. Click on „Support“ in the right upper corner of the screen
    3. Now a tab will open in your browser. Click on “Contact Support” (at the bottom of the page, left side).
    4. Click on „Get iTunes Support via Express Lane“
    5. In the next step, choose in the product category „iTunes“ and „iTunes Store“ and „Purchases, Billing, and Redemption“. Then click on “Continue”
    6. Choose „My topic is not listed“ in the issue description
    7. Enter the topic „Refund of purchased app“
    8. Now choose your device, iOS and the iTunes Store country. Please pay attention while entering the order number. You will find it in the email you received when you purchased the app (it’s next to the invoice address). In this email you will also find the Apple ID you used for the purchase.
    9. Click on „Continue“
    10. In the next step (Express Lane), click on „Continue without signing in”
    11. Now enter all your contact details. Please write in the message field that you want to get a refund for the app as well as all in-app purchases. Also let them know your Apple ID (see step 8) which you used for the purchase.
    12. Send the message.

    We are sorry that this is quite cumbersome. As stated above, it's out of our influence.
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