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Thread: How do I install/deinstall a map?

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    How do I install/deinstall a map?

    You can install maps through wi-fi. The installation through iTunes is not possible. Please make sure you have a constant internet connection as well as enough free space available on your device in order to avoid any installation problems.

    If you decide get a continent or the world installable maps as in-app purchase, not all maps are automatically downloaded to your device. You get access to those maps. You can see all available country maps in a list and download the ones that you currently need. The size of each map is displayed in the list.

    E.g. after purchasig the Europe map package, you can first install Italy and then add France later to your device before you start a trip to France. After your holidays, you can delete the French map again, if you like.

    In general, you don’t have to download all purchased maps just “to have” them. They will always be available to you once you bought them. Depending on your needs, they are exchangeable and you can delete and re-download them over and over again.

    Open the app --> Upgrades --> Installation status --> and click here in the "Purchased" section on those country maps you want to install. A tick mark becomes visible behind each country and you can now start the download through wi-fi. Please wait until the download has been completed. Afterwards, you can check in Installation status --> Installed which maps have successfully been installed.

    You can also deinstall a map. Follow these steps:
    Open the app --> Upgrades --> Installation status --> Installed. Choose the country you want to delete by clicking on it and a delete-button will show. Afterwards, restart your device so that it recognizes the free space again.
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