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Thread: What can I do if the app crashes after an update?

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    What can I do if the app crashes after an update?

    Case 1:
    After installing/updating GPS Navigation 2, did you update your firmware to iOS 5? If so, please read the following comment from our blog:

    "You have problems with our new navigation app after your iOS 5 update? Unfortunately the iOS 5 firmware update deletes parts of our app. Consequently the app doesn’t work anymore.
    This is something we couldn’t foresee or test and we are very sorry for any inconvenience.
    Here’s how to solve the issue: Just delete the app, restart your device and then re-install it. The app should run smoothly again afterwards.
    Already purchased upgrades (e.g. maps) can be easily downloaded again in the “Upgrades” section in the main menu:
    Click on Redownload --> enter the password for the Apple ID with which you purchased the maps the first time --> the maps are now available again in Installation status --> Purchased. You will not be twice billed in any case."

    Important after the iOS 5 update: Go to the Settings of your device --> "iCloud"
    Please make sure that the Apple ID (your email address) is mentioned there with which you bought our app and the in-app purchases. After installing iOS 5 this might have changed automatically (if you created a new Apple account). So: Always check this issue before re-downloading apps (any app, not just ours) in order to avoid paying twice.

    Case 2:
    If you didn’t update your device to iOS 5, but only installed the updated GPS Navigation 2, please delete the app and re-install it. This solves the issue in most cases.

    Attention: If you already installed maps/saved favorites, please note that they need to be re-downloaded/re-entered after the new installation.
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