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Thread: Android. Annotations appear as black squares.

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    Android. Annotations appear as black squares.

    Hello everyone!

    I'm developing an Android app that shows my different POIs with my custom design.

    Usually In most cases everything is fine, and with Bitmaps and with Resources. But sometimes, about 5% cases there are black squares instead of my POI.

    Check the screenshot please:

    I'm using for this SKAnnotationView.setView passing my custom View object with ImageView. Image can be set to ImageView via setImageBitmap in background or via setImageResource. I try different ways.

    Why it could happen? I don't see anything strange in logcat. No error messages, no warnings.

    I'm checked for sure that SKMapSurfaceView.addAnnotation method is called from UI thread. Always.

    I'm using Skobbler Android SDK 3.0.3.

    How can I correct this issue? Or how can I detect the problem that cause this behavior?

    Thanks in advance,

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    We have a fix for this. I can provide you the build through

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