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Thread: [Android 3.0.0] Green Map Overlay Slowdown Bug

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    Ausrufezeichen [Android 3.0.0] Green Map Overlay Slowdown Bug

    I have run into a peculiar issue while using the Skobbler Android 3.0.0 SDK, that I am hoping I can get some help with.

    In my application, if I leave the Skobbler map open, and then background/resume the app a few times, eventually the skobbler map will add a strange green overlay ontop of it, and massively slow down the app.

    I have been able to reproduce this issue in a sample project on GitHub here and have created a video showing how to reproduce the issue using the sample app.

    I have asked about this issue in the past but never received a helpful answer. I am hoping that with this sample project, it will be possible to diagnose and resolve this issue, as it has been plaguing me for a while.

    I am able to reproduce this bug on many different Android devices running different OS versions, so there seems to be no real correlation there. Any help here would be appreciated.

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    I've reported the issue to our dev team for investigation. As soon as I have updates from the team I'll let you know.

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