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Thread: [iOS 3.0.3] While navigating, memory keeps growing until iOS kills my app.

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    We had another drive yesterday - in areas with very low/no gsm signal, trying to reproduce this issue.
    We simulate conditions of mobile data transmission from EDGE to 4G. We also used various iPhone devices from 4s to 7, but unfortunately no crash at all.

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    Were you able to monitor the memory footprint during the drive? If you provide me with a demo app that has crashlytics integrated, I will reproduce on my side again. I also recommend to expand the SDK logging (and/or crashlytics logging) with logging the app's memory usage every minute or so, as an app being killed by iOS due to lowMemory, does not generate a crash report. As far as I've been able to tell, the crashes are not directly caused by the networking code, but something (most likely the networking code) is leaking memory. So any crashes (or kills by iOS) do not necessary happen on the moment of leaking, but can happen any time later.

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    setting this to false helps me on ios and android ...


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