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Thread: North American maps in Europe? (and vice-versa)?

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    North American maps in Europe? (and vice-versa)?

    Dear Skobbler developers,

    Thank you vey much for your great application "ForeverMap".

    You have recently released a new version, with North American and European maps. I live in Europe and have installed the European version, and I liked it very much. I congratulate you for this release.

    I would be interested to obtain North American maps, since I am going to travel to the US shortly. But I was not able to install north american maps.

    On your page:

    you state:

    "! It is not possible to use US maps in the European version or European maps in the US version of ForeverMap.!"

    I think that it is a pity, since it would be a very useful feature for Europeans travelling to the US and vice-versa.

    I also was not able to install the north american version in my device (it does not appears in the phone's android market, and in the Android Market's web page says that it is not allowed to install "ForeverMapLite North America" in my country.

    I would like to ask you to consider the possibility of allowing to install both geographical maps in both continents.

    Yours faithfully,


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    That's strange... I live in Europe as well (Germany) and I'm able to download the ForeverMap North-America Version from the Google Market.
    What country are you living and what's your Android-device? Maybe that could help the Skobbler Support-Team.


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    Sorry for the delay in the answer, but I was on vacation (in the US!).

    I live in Spain.

    .- On my phone's Google Market only appear "ForeverMap Lite" and "ForeverMap" (Europe).
    .- On the Web Android Market ( I see "ForeverMap NortAmerica", but when I log in the page, and try to install in my phone it says:
    "Este elemento no se puede instalar en el país de tu dispositivo" <->
    "This element can not be installed in your country's phone"



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