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  1. A couple of observations: * In offline mode,...

    A couple of observations:

    * In offline mode, it seems to loop for ever.
    * With PreinstalledMaps in place, it works fine.
  2. Android: way too many threads created when using ART

    When I run the Demo (version 2.1.0) it creates many, many threads
    when using ART (Android >= 4.4).

    The logcat command reports the following for each thread created:

    W/art (15192):...
  3. The arguments to SKCoordinate are reversed....

    The arguments to SKCoordinate are reversed.
    Should be SKCoordinate(ll.Longitude, ll.Latitude).
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    Android: How to create a heatmap?

    I would like to create a heap map of how many times a particular road is used.
    I have GPS data points and would like to show a heatmap clustering of this data.
    I'm not clear what API I should use.
  5. Android SDK: use APK expansion file instead of

    The can get quite large if prebundling maps. This runs the risk of going over the 50MB APK limit.

    Instead of hardcoding, please provide an option to find the resource data:...
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    Android SDK: prebundling a country map

    I'm trying to test prebundling withe the demo app.
    I performed the following steps:

    Downloaded map for Panama
    Uploaded the PA.skm, PA.ngi, to development machine
    Added the above...
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