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15.02.2011, 02:27
I was trying to navigate to a specific address. The house number has been entered in OSM data for many months. The address I enter is:

201 Carolina Point Parkway
29607, South Carolina, USA

The address it finds is:

Carolina Point Pkwy
29607 Greenville, South Carolina

Why doesn't it find the house number address in the OSM data?


16.02.2011, 11:37
This is due to our program. It doesn't find the house numbers at the moment, eventhough they are entered correctly in OSM. It's on the update list for the next release which we hopefully can provide soon.

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10.11.2011, 20:23
Checking this again with Nav2 - Nav 2 is a great program! It still doesn't seem to find OSM housenumbers in the US. For example the address above still has the same behavior.

I normally enter housenumbers in OSM for popular US tourist destinations, especially when a standard GPS navigator sends me to the wrong location. It would be great if Nav2 could search OSM addresses first, then fall back if no OSM address has been created.

15.11.2011, 12:15
You're right - house numbers are still not implemented but we are already working on the next update and hope to implement them shortly. Sorry I still don't have any better news - we are working hard on a number of issues at the moment.


19.04.2012, 11:46
I've used the app two days ago to find an address in my town (Europe, not US). I've searched in internet before to be sure I know where I have to go ;) and then used Navi 2 to go there. It founds the street but no number. If I didn't knew before where the number is ... I would have to search by myself the house number on the whole street.

From my point of view, finding the house numbers in an navi app is one of the most important feature. If you say this feature is not implemented already .... this sounds not good. I have a suggestion (if I do not bother) .... make more releases with less features in a small time interval than one release at 1 or 2 years with all features implemented. Some users will not wait so much time for an update ;) Thank you.