View Full Version : Is Skobbler compatible with the Magellan Car Kit?

21.05.2010, 15:37
Does anyone know if the Skobbler app will work with the Magellan Car Kit? The kit has a built-in GPS receiver that is more powerful than the iPhone's. I want to know if the Skobbler app will use the data from the car kit's GPS rather than the iPhone's. The Magellan website says that it will work with "most GPS navigation apps." Here's the link:

21.05.2010, 16:26
I have been testing it in the US with the Megellan Car Kit and it will work correct (the only bug which we will fix in the 2.2 version is that it reports in the settings still that it uses "internal" GPS, but it will use the external signal correctly).

If you have not bought it yet: I would recommend you having a look at the TomTom Car-Kit, from my perspective it's much more robust and has better sound.

In General: A Car-Kit with active GPS will help you to improve your navigation experience a lot (especially on an iPhone 3G)

21.05.2010, 16:50
Thanks for the info. I haven't bought a car kit yet, so maybe I'll get the TomTom one instead.
Thanks again.

- Jason