View Full Version : iOS 3.0.1 release candidate build

24.08.2016, 14:07
For those who want to test/ upgrade to 3.0.1:

[ObjC] https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1jd0uod3gqgdfe/SKMapsDemo_3_0_1.zip?dl=0
[Swift] https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfday1vhtwlbtw0/SKMapsDemoSwift_3_0_1.zip?dl=0

The traffic build is not exposed in the public SDK; in order to get access to the traffic API we would require each user to sign an NDA. Send an email at dev@telenav.com and find more details.

Release notes for 3.0.1:
[iOS] Added new APIs for RealReach: fitRealReachWithDuration, realReachCompletedWithBoundingBox (callback) and realReachBoundingBox
[iOS] Separated the reportGPSLocation in reportGPSLocation and reportDeviceHeading to have a better control over location/heading updates (and avoid issues where the positioner froze when you reported the same location with a different heading)