View Full Version : Will custom heat maps be part of 3.0?

10.08.2016, 16:16
Will it be possible to make custom heat maps on android in 3.0?

12.08.2016, 15:55
"HeatMaps" option is working only with the OSM POIs. This option is offering you the possibility to visually cluster any kind of POI data from OSM. More details http://forum.skobbler.com/archive/index.php/t-6241.html

12.08.2016, 16:24
I was referring to heat maps using custom data. In a stack overflow response it was stated that custom heat maps were on the roadmap for 2nd half of 2015 for ios, was the same plan true for android? (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28323245/skobbler-add-custom-pois-to-heatmap)

16.08.2016, 09:06
This feature never made it to the work list due to a change of priorities. Currently it is not possible to generate heatmaps from custom POIs neither on iOS or Android