View Full Version : Traveling the US

29.07.2016, 16:29
I'm currently visiting the US and Scout works quite good. Though I found some issues.

1. The street names are pronounced terribly. They should be pronounced in the country's language and not in the user's language.
2. Searching is not possible in offline mode. It should be supported for the offline maps. Of course other sources than osm won't work.
3. I had pedestrian Navigation activated by fault and was irritated by the route before I realized it. Please include hint "your speed indicates that you're not walking. Wanna chance routing to car?"
4. I miss a feature when the suggested routes are shown to vote for a toll or non toll route. While this isn't a problem in Germany it surely is in the US.

Apart from this Scout really performs great on our vacation!

iPhone 6 iOS 9.3.3 Scout 8.0 (13.595)