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19.05.2010, 02:06
Hello all...love Skobbler but I have a problem! I live in a rural area and I can't find addresses, even my "home" location. I can find it myself on the map but Skobbler cant - is there anyway I can manually enter an address by, say, dropping a 'pin' for where I am and another for where I am going to?
Thanks - M

19.05.2010, 14:41
The "pin drop" idea is great. We have had that on our list for quite some time. It's not in the app yet. We'll introduce that in several steps. The first one will be connected to the contact addresses - for those which haven't been entered correctly and where you can manually adjust the contact's address in the map. The second step will be close to what you seem to have in mind. That's probably going to take a few months though.

19.05.2010, 15:02
You can "drop a pin" on the skobbler website map (http://www.skobbler.co.uk) and save that adress on the website, it will appear in your application under "My Locations". And from there navigate to your saved adress.

19.05.2010, 15:22
Great workaround, highly recommended! ;)

19.05.2010, 22:41
I have tried to enter an address on the map on the Skobbler website, but all of the returns are showing for the UK and none for addresses in Ireland - also I am unable to drop a pin on that map. Am I missing something??!! Any help would really be appreciated.
Thanks again

21.05.2010, 18:55
The webportal lacks currently support for Ireland, but we will fix this within the next weeks (hopefully within max. 3 weeks)

22.05.2010, 19:14
Oh great! Looking forward to that. Thank you.

25.05.2010, 19:45

yeah Irish support is really poor. Would be great if you could sort this out pretty quick. (especially as the app actually costs money!)


26.05.2010, 08:31
@ahernjp Except the website to you have other problems for Ireland?
We are working to fix the website ASAP.

26.05.2010, 14:53
honestly, there are a few issues.

1) battery usage is quite high
2) route calculation is a bit slow
3) VERY few POI's
4) address recognition isn't great --- particularly when entering in something like "Dublin Airport" .... it's present on openstreetmap but fails to recognise properly in the app. This makes quick navigation difficult.

I hope this helps.

22.07.2010, 14:05
dropping a pin doesnt work for me.
It allows me to drop then set, but when I click next to save address or pin location it says no valid address found.

22.07.2010, 14:16
Ignore my last comment - doesnt work in ie, works perfect in firefox.